Annual review 2017-18

Our work and achievements over the last financial year

Illustration of a computer, tablet and phone showing graphs and charts. Illustration of a computer, tablet and phone showing graphs and charts.

Chair's and Chief Executive's report

Over nearly 20 years, NICE’s role has been to support health and social care by providing the highest quality of information about what good care looks like, and how it can best be delivered.

We work closely with the other national organisations responsible for providing and supporting the NHS and social care – NHS England, the Care Quality Commission, NHS Improvement, and Public Health England – among many others. We work closely with patient groups and clinicians. When we consult, we listen. We take notice.

And we recognise the changing complexity of the real world. We have produced guidelines on multimorbidity and medicines optimisation – trying to ensure that care is tailored appropriately to individual patients.

We are continuing our work with Public Health England to support the prevention agenda to tackle the big challenges of obesity, diabetes and alcohol misuse. We work constructively and supportively with the life sciences industry, particularly through the scientific advice programme, and office for market access.

Despite regular change in health and social care, NICE’s purpose remains the same: working with the NHS, with local government and social care to achieve the best outcomes with the resources available.

Sir David Haslam Chair
Sir Andrew Dillon Chief Executive and Accounting Officer

This review brings you the highlights from our annual report.

For more details on performance, accountability and financial statements, read our full annual report.

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